About Us

As the founder of Jackson Hill Coffee, I wanted to share a few things about my background  and how the company was formed. I was born in a small town right off the shores of Lake Michigan. Michigan is in the Midwest region of the United States.

I remember being four years old when my family moved to a neighborhood called Jackson Hill in 1980. This was the era when kids still woke up very early to go outdoors to play. Whether it was a visit to the local farmers market, bike riding, playing on the grass in the front yard, or even just a good ole game hopscotch or kickball, Jackson Hill was and will always be the feeling of warmth and love for me.

However, before my fun days with friends had even started there was never a morning without the fresh aroma of coffee being brewed. And every morning before my mother took the first sip from her cup, there I was begging for a taste. I even remember sneaking spoon fills of powdered coffee creamer when she wasn't looking . This is when it all started for me, the robust and bold yet sweet taste of coffee had become my favorite drink.

When deciding to create Jackson Hill Coffee the elements of Love, Nature and Sunshine had to be wrapped all together and lacking none of the soul from my upbringing. Our packaging represents all these important elements. Red for Love, Green for nature, and Yellow for the Sunny happy days ahead. It is exactly what I feel about my old neighborhood and why we chose the name.

Today the love for this beverage has become more sophisticated. I no longer sneak spoon s filled with dry coffee creamer. Yet samples of creams,chocolates and other perfectly paired ingredients. As I moved about the country visiting all types of coffee houses and cafes ,I found myself becoming very picky about the coffee I was being served. I can immediately distinguish the good from the bad, It did not take long before I knew it was time to introduce something new to the market.

The selection of coffee beans for our brand was a long yet enjoyable journey.  I have taste tested several different beans from mastered roasters, and personally hand picked and selected from the best. Jackson Hill Beverage Group without any doubts, fits the standards and expectations of what coffee lovers love about their coffee. 

It is organic, it's gourmet, and it's rich and full of flavor!

Welcome to the neighborhood,

Thank you for shopping with us!

Please Enjoy!